High performance steel screw piers / piles are the proven economical alternative to pad footings, bored piles, driven piles and grout injected piles. Screw pier technology and rapid installation procedures can be used for a wide range of building and construction  projects: civl commercial, residential. The advantages are many:

  • Rapid installation – up to 100 piers a day
  • Able to build immediately after installation
  • Cost effective – often huge savings compared to other forms of foundations
  • Unlimited pier/pile lengths
  • Each pier / pile is pre-loaded
  • No mess or waste – minimal disruption to the building site or  gardens & paths
  • Continuous pile achieved every time – stops problems associated with soft or wet collapsing soils
  • Vibration free installation
  • Eliminates building settlement and costly repairs
  • Eliminates the need for contaminated fill removal
  • Underpinning – often the only viable solution
  • Can work in small spaces


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