Screw piers / screw piles have been used as the safe foundation system to solve many problem building and construction sites (P sites), filled sites, collapsing soils, contaminated ground and sites with a high water table.

They are also used when speed is imperative. Or on sites where bad weather has been holding up building progress. Subsidence and cracking associated with inadequate building foundations are often best resolved with underpinning using scew pier technology. All piers are carefully monitored and recorded to ensure the correct installation.

Although it may be too great a claim to say that screw piers could be used in every building foundation the technology is certainly worth considering for many applications.

We are currently going through our records over the last twenty years and will archive on this section of the website the foundation problems we have encountered and subsequently solved with screw pier / screw piling applications.

In the meantime contact us with your current building project to see if screw pier foundations is the best solution for your building or structure.