Cracks in brickwork – don’t ignore the signs. A crack in the brickwork is usually the fist visible sign of damage to a building caused by subsidence.

Don’t ignore it or try to cover it up. It could prove to be really expensive in the long term. Follow these simple steps:

cracks - don't ignore - find the cause

cracks – don’t ignore – find the cause

  1. Find out the cause. We strongly recommend you arrange for a structural engineers report. We can arrange this on your behalf through our strong connections with Alan Taylor & Associates – consulting structural engineers operating throughout the Port Macquarie region.
  2. Your report will identify the cause for the cracking in the brickwork and also include a scope of works – descriptions and plans to rectify the problem.
  3. Once you have the engineers report East Coast Screw Piers can visit you at your home or other building which is damaged due to subsidence. We will review the report and provide a quote to remedy the situation using screw piers (screw piles) to underpin the foundations where they are needed.
  4.  When we have completed our work (it is a speedy process) we will provide you with a Structural Engineers Certificate duly signed to confirm that all works have beeb carried out in accordance with the original report.
  5.  This certificate is hugely important, especially in time if you wish to sell your home and it is discovered from a purchasers building inspection that the house has been subject to subsidence. You will have the certificate to prove that the problem has been rectified.

Underpinning experts throughout the mid North Coast. Contact us as soon as you discover a crack in your brickwork.